Levitate and Radiate

Levitate and radiate…

These past few months, I have found those two words quite profound. I have repeatedly caught myself reflecting on their essential meaning, and what I realized is that these two words embody our purpose here on earth. We were put into this world with inherent and unique gifts that must be manifested. It is our responsibility to develop, hone, and manifest our gifts to the rest of humanity. We owe it to humanity to manifest our gift because we are all destined for great things. The Bible says that we were made in His Image, so why should we not follow our dreams. Why should we not dig deep to find our gifts, we are supreme beings by nature…

I have recently gone through a series of hardships, failures, and setbacks. It used to get to me, allowing my mind to easily get dazzled by the situations going on around me. I became despiteful and resentful of it, the darkness almost took charge of me. I learned that I needed to change my beliefs, this was the only way I would live the life I want to live. I ran into a person that dared to challenge my beliefs and made me realize that my life should be what I think it should be. Hence, came the revelation of the Law of Vibration. I started watching more videos regarding this matter, trying to get an understanding of what I needed to do to change my life. I did not want to become resentful and depressed especially after going through these hardships. I realized that I have become complacent and my environment was not contributing to fulfilling my purpose.

I recently went on a hike up in North Bend (Bandera Mountain) where I was pushed to my limits. I was constantly challenged by the arduous climate of this hike, but I kept pushing because I wanted to see the summit. Doubt constantly kept resurfacing, but I did not want to feel that sense of shame or guilt that I could not finish what I started..

This is the attitude that got me through all the way to the top. I was fortunate enough to meditate and really get a feel of the environment. It was so peaceful, felt like I was part of the universe. The vibrations that were resonating through my body were so powerful that I kept longing for more. I’d get distracted and realize that I needed to get back to that frequency to really feel that peace. After waking up, seeing the birds that were hovering and circling above my head, the little spiders and bugs that were peacefully set on me made me truly realize the power of belief. At the time, I really believed that I was peaceful and set out a peaceful vibration that attracted substances that I was in harmony with.

It was an amazing day, this hike truly challenged me in all aspects of life (physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically…) it helped me realize what I thought of myself, my perception of me and my sense of significance. I know that I still have a long way to go and education to do. It is a constant struggle trying to develop and hone my gift, more importantly manifesting it. But, I genuinely believe that I am advancing forward and that is what matters for now. So, if you’re ever feeling down or too overwhelmed, it is okay to fall or to break out and let out your emotions, we are humans and failure is inevitable. What will truly define you is the choice you make during that space after the occurrence of the event, how you choose to move forward.

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