Visualize Your Own Happy Place

Lately, I have been trying to make meditation a habit. It is a constant struggle trying to find a perfect time to fit it in the daily routine especially on work days. But, what I realized is how my days significantly get better once I do it. I typically go about my day with a much clearer sense of meaning afterwards. I believe it is important to work your mind and soul the same way one conditions his physical body because I have noticed that life is going to throw unexpected curve balls that can quickly sink you if you’re not mentally sane or capable to deal with those circumstances. Thus came to the idea to me to try to meditate or pray every day.

This process has been rather difficult, breaking old patterns and habits is something very difficult to achieve but worthwhile, it requires time and persistent effort. I have been having many revelations about mutually shared symbols in meditation and life. For instance, in meditation we are told that the key is to concentrate on your inner self and block out all the surrounding noise in your thoughts, but often you find yourself getting lost in distractions, and you make an effort to reach again that harmonious and peaceful vibration. I find life quite the same way. Oftentimes, we find ourselves wanting the better things in life such as breaking old malicious habits and that is when the current of circumstancial forces starts resisting our change and we find ourselves again back in the old patterns we strongly despise and are ashamed of. Sometimes, those emotions are so powerful that we succumb to them and engage in self-criticism, self-doubt, and self-hate. Ultimately, we become faced with the question of “will we ever find happiness again?”… Our society is rapidly changing, and it has been evident that many people share a fighting struggle to control their thoughts. It is no surprise that suicide rates are higher than they have ever been. It seems that anxiety has become a new norm in our society, we rather ingest chemical substances that subdue or numb our emotions rather than to deal with them at hand. I am guilty of this as well and still am fighting with it to this day, but I feel like now I have a better understanding that to taint my beautiful creation was not my intended purpose. I genuinely believe I was meant for more and better. We all are really even though sometimes life deals us a bad deck of cards.

I remember not long ago when I was struggling in my classes and I had a long talk with my brother. He was basically telling me to stop victimizing myself with what I was going through and to be creative in finding the solutions to my problems. At first, I looked at him and just nodded, but in my mind I am saying to myself that this dude is crazy, does he really understand the pressures I am feeling, does he even know I am even thinking about throwing it all way because I can’t take the pain anymore and he is over here telling me to be creative. What I failed to understand at that time, was that we ultimately have THAT power to create change in our lives. Yes, it is not going to be easy because once you decide to make that change, you are faced with the currents of your subconscious mind trying to stop you from levitating yourself because you are trying to bring in stuff that the subconscious mind is not comfortable with or used to. But, through visualization, one is able to bring his desired ideas into manifestation by focusing on the good vibrations and rich imaginations that show you the life you want to live. internalizing that frequency helps you levitate to that plateau and once you are in harmony with it, you are able to bring that vibration to reality. It is a simple yet misunderstood concept. I think this is partly due to the social forces one typically faces when he decides to create change in his life, but the important lesson to understand is that it is doable, that you are a lovable creature capable of accomplishing unimaginable things. So, Dare to dream and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

Levitate and Radiate

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