The Secret to Proper Levitation

Levitation is a state of mind that one reaches through constant harmonious vibration with the laws of nature. It enables one to generate dynamic, magnetic, stable, and dominant forces within the universe. These past few weeks, I have been doing a lot of reflecting and soul-searching trying to figure out my purpose. I am now convinced that success is as equally predictable as failure is. I believe that circumstantial events happen for a specific reason, either to lead to self-destruction or to awaken the sense of drive towards self-discovery and fulfilling one’s purpose. Having this revelation made me look back and analyze at the times in my life where radical changes happened. Sure enough, the tribulations I would be enduring at the particular time were either setting me up for the next stage in my life or helping me realize that my behavior was leading me toward self-destruction. Earlier this year, I was really down, and I couldn’t understand or explain what was really going through my mind or my body. I just seemed to attract really bad vibrations towards me, and it sparked feelings of self-hate and self-doubt within me. I just kept victimizing myself whenever things were just not going the way I wanted. Life really has a funny way of teaching you things. 

I can’t remember where exactly I came across this saying, but at the time it really changed my outlook on life, the following saying basically claimed that the true journey toward success or change begins once you are either angry or dissatisfied with your current behavior and that is exactly what was happening to me. I was caught up in the day-to-day stresses trying to survive and remain afloat that I forgot about just living and building good habits that can yield a stable life. What was even more excruciating was the fact that I just kept losing while trying to deal with all the stress. I could not catch a break or get a win that could possibly ignite motivation within me, so I just kept sinking. It’s truly amazing how quickly things could turn south just when you think you’re on the clear. But I am here to tell you that there is a way to rise above all these situations and work towards a beautiful life. Some call it the Holy Spirit, The Spirit or the Holy Ghost. I believe it now to be my Life Coach, my Rock, my Governor. It has always been within us and is always within us just eagerly waiting to be awakened or activated. The number of beautiful things that derive from such harmonious vibration is vastly astounding. You start witnessing your deepest desires and dreams unfolding in front of your own eyes and you can’t help but start wondering about how it came about.

This revelation made me realize that our environment is our culture. More importantly, that our priorities protect our future. For instance, the key for a finished product to prosper is its environment, the same way a seed, a spore or a parasite will not germinate until it is placed in favorable conditions. I have witnessed the true power of positive energy, a cultivating environment, and good habits that it is now the only desire that I yearn. I am constantly dreaming, envisioning this state of mind because I believe that it is the only way I will be able to manifest it and become capable to manage the circumstances of my life. My intent, through these blogs, is to inspire hope and possibility. I am constantly dreaming of a Heaven On Earth and working toward its manifestation, because I have found other secular systems fundamentally flawed that I now know it cannot afford genuine happiness. It is time to awaken the beauty within yourself, to develop your imagination, and spread the love everywhere. The world could and can be a better place.

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