This I believe

This year has without a doubt been the most challenging I have endured, yet the most gratifying in regard to my personal growth. I have been constantly pushing myself to reach higher expectations and to embrace my mistakes no matter the cost. This was a rather difficult task because I was and still am what one would call a perfectionist. If things didn’t go my way, it would stir me up a roll coaster of emotions. I felt like as if I was losing control of my life. Through a lot of soul searching and reflective thinking, I was able to witness the true power of belief. Perception enabled me to appreciate the blessings in my life despite of my shortcomings and failures. Being grateful allowed me to understand that this life we are given is truly a gift, and more importantly that we have a say in the fate of our journey. It is not always going to be straightforward and easy, sometimes we will face strong currents that will tremble us, but the key is to hold on tight to our internalized belief and continue to move forward.

 In my previous blog, I talked about the impact of visualizing your destination. I am now convinced that belief along with visualization are pivotal catalysts in ensuring one’s personal growth. When you genuinely believe in an idea, I believe it is your responsibility and duty to hold it tight and protect it because it will get you far. There will be many critics and failures along the journey, but always fall forward like Denzel says. I now understand that it is my own marathon and I have no intention to prove my worth to anyone else. I think the main challenge I faced many times was the perception of wanting to compare myself with other peoples’ journeys. Surrendering to this ideal is a highway to negative thoughts that will bring you nowhere but towards self-hate, self-doubt, and fear. Big Sean beautifully and artistically paraphrases this whole idea in one of his verses

            My mistakes are my biggest professors and learning life lessons 
            I realize it ain’t what you have, it’s what you feel, that’s what true success is
            I am the one of one, after me there’s no successor

 I really don’t believe that we should spend our lives worrying about the things we can’t control rather than truly living in the present because giving in to fear would just bring you a glooming cloud of constant anxiety and stress that will significantly influence your life and compromise your health. This type of environment can never bring you genuine happiness or success for that matter.  I encourage y’all to find your gift, and I believe that through grit and passion, the results that await you will surprise you. 

“The Marathon Continues..” 

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