One Day At a Time

Building and abiding by to new habits is not a walk in the park. It typically goes by smoothly when you first start it, then your subconscious mind resists it because it is something new, unusual, and perhaps threatening. Hence begins a waged war on the conscious mind because the body is trying to change what’s considered normal or familiar. This is a similar pattern that transcends many aspects of our lives. Our egoic and subconscious minds are very powerful and resilient, they do just about anything to make sure that this desired growth or change does not happen. Old emotional triggers from the past start emerging out of nowhere because once your mind identifies with those triggers, it builds an illusionary sense of self that interferes with the new habits you were trying to build and ultimately sabotages you to regress to your old ways. I believe that practically every human being goes through this struggle, this is definitely something that I myself have been struggling with.

Sometimes, I found myself fearing what or who I was becoming and failing to appreciate the untapped value of what I could gain from this growth. I realized that a lot of times that I would self-sabotage myself to regress to what was comfortable or familiar to me. I realized that my fear of failure frightened me just as much as my fear of success. I took some time to reflect on why I would get in the way of my own blessings, I really put some thought and time to it and came up with absolutely nothing. The harder I tried to find an answer, the more unattainable and inconceivable my solution seemed to be. The ongoing mental chatter in my mind didn’t make it any easier. I started reading a book from this spiritual guru, which I highly recommend, and it essentially talked about surrendering to the Now. Consciously embracing the present because it is ours to experience, it is our gift to enjoy, and that “there is virtually nothing to ever worry about in the present”. This revelation helped me understand that nothing good ever comes from analyzing our past or future. Looking at our past reminds us our failures and insecurities which inadvertently impede our growth or from seizing our moment. Looking ahead into the future brings up the fear of the unknown, this uncertainty plants many fears of what we could potentially lose rather than bringing light to many blessings and opportunities we could gain.

One thing to learn from this is that change ain’t easy. So what, you skipped a gym day, cheated on your diet, fucked up, or disappointed someone you deeply cared about. Don’t ever forget to love and forgive yourself above all else. Beneath all those emotions, we fail to realize that we are alive and present, we fail to realize that there are many lessons to be learned from this fall that can help us overcome our obstacles or achieve our goals. My hope is that my blogs inspire you to always move forward or add value critical to enriching your life experiences. At the end of the day, we all in this together.

                                                                       Kindness is timeless
Love is so easy to give
It just takes a moment
To show somebody that you care


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