We Are All Suffering

“One philosophy in life is that you cannot live life expecting people to fulfill what you have in your mind, sometime life teaches you no to fall in that trap but when you grasp it, nothing will ever phase you”. A wise man once shared this belief and upon hearing it, I immediately felt the words vibrating throughout my body. I was more amazed by its profound connotation, and more importantly it made me realize two essential life lessons. The first lesson is that we all have suffering in this human experience, and the second lesson is that impermanence is a recurring characteristic in virtually every life circumstance. Nothing ever stays the same, there will be days where you feel like you’re on top of the world and other days you’re going to be so low to the point you feel like the whole world is crushing in front of you. 

            The conversation I had that day inspired me to embark on a quest to find answers and to discover myself. It has been a tumultuous journey but rewarding in virtually every aspect of life. This life we have, I believe it to be our greatest professor. It definitely has its unique way of teaching you lessons according to its own timing. From the thoughtful conversations I have had the opportunity to share with various inspiring people these past months, they helped me to realize how potent our ego can be when we feed it. I had been going through adversity, and quite for some time, it felt like I was the only one going through suffering. I had failed to foresee how detrimental this type of attitude was affecting me. This revelation helped me to fully grasp that popular saying of “you’re your worst enemy”. So, I began to look for ways to counteract this downward spiral, and what I found to help me the most was to free emotional attachments to my identity and to keep a curious mindset. That, itself, is very limiting in its essence because it prevents one from expanding his horizons and from reaching the finer things in life. I have found curiosity to be a powerful learning tool, embarking on new subjects with no regards to whether you will succeed or fail in that particular endeavor. Failing to manifest that goal is essentially beneficial as well because it enables one to either be persistent or find alternative ways. Success truly is what you feel deep inside of you, and I believe curiosity is a powerful driving force to helping someone to experience genuine success. 

            I have found that life experiences amplify our understanding of philosophical beliefs and values. It just takes one powerful life experience to awaken that realization within yourself and once that happens, no circumstance or person can alter that belief you hold in your heart. Authenticity is what makes you unique and important to the rest of the world because the amount of potential you have in yourself, cannot be released by anyone else and that is a beautiful thing, which brings me to the next point of change being inevitable. Nothing will stay permanent in this world; things will blossom and will wither. Learn to embrace change and to work with the flow. Whatever arises in the moment, learn to embrace it and work with it, you’d be surprised by the multitude of blessings that can emerge from that choice. Resisting change will bring you nothing but undesired turmoil because you are resisting to find your truth and your potential. I want to end this by encouraging y’all to never stop finding your truth and keeping that childlike curiosity. 

                                                                                                            The Marathon Continues…”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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