The Key to Finding Your Routine

Lately, I have been on a quest to find answers about life and happiness. Throughout this year, I realized that I was unconsciously going through the motions in regard to my self-growth and contentment of life. There is no worse feeling than reflecting at your life and feeling stuck as if you were out of moves, unable to spark the inner drive for greater things or the creative ability to change your life around. This mindset can be a quick descent to self-pity and self-hatred. This type of attitude can hold you back from amazing life opportunities and blessings. ET says that “success is in your routine”, adapting to this attitude enables a fostering environment for growth and a joyous state of being. 

What I realized these past couples of days is that there really are no definitive keys or secrets to finding your routine. It is up to us to find a routine that works for us and more importantly makes us happy, whether it is starting the day by exercising, praying, or even planning it out. These types of tools enable us to add some structure and focus in our life, which will inadvertently help us to manifest our desired goals. A wise friend shared this saying with me the other day, he was basically saying that “we are all essentially fighting the same war, just different battles”. I found it so powerful because these so-called battles help us to hone our authenticity and purpose in life. They allow us to share our experiences, inspire, and to connect with others. 

The second lesson I learned is to stop comparing myself with other people when it comes to establishing a routine. My chapter 3 could be someone else’s chapter 2 or chapter 13. This impulse does no good other than to reinforce the sense of worthlessness or failure. Going at one’s own pace allows a person to truly appreciate every step of his journey. In fact, one is able to stay present because he is not concentrating on the past or anticipating on what is ahead (the fear of the unknown). In essence, he is just living and learning. 

I wanted to conclude by encouraging anyone who reads this blog to keep striving forward and to never stop dreaming big because the universe is working for you and wants to see you succeed. The fact that you are still standing is just another testament that solidifies your role here on earth, it is no coincidence or mistake that you’re still alive and well. 

The Marathon Continues…

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