Lessons of 2019

I am astounded by how fast this year flew by. As I reflect back at the encompassing circumstances that I have endured, I feel gratitude and joy because that experience enabled me to foresee my growth and aspire for greater things in life. These are some of the cherished lessons I learned throughout this year. My intention is to shed a little inspiration for anyone who reads this blog to embark on the journey to self-acceptance and self-discovery. Before diving deep into this, I just wanted to share this powerful quote, “a tree that stands alone in a field is stronger than a tree that stands in a forest, because the solitary tree has to develop deeper roots to support itself when life’s hard winds blow.” 


I am now convinced that within humility lies immense power. Being humble transforms a new attitude with oneself. One consequently becomes teachable, relatable, and open to diversity. Humility allows one to forge his own path towards self-acceptance, which freely allows one to attain authentic success or enlightenment. Letting go of your ego is definitely challenging but I now firmly believe it is worthwhile. Acknowledging that there is a higher power surrounding you and rooting for you will get you far in life. For instance, I recently learned that turtles and butterflies are among some of the oldest animals currently alive dating back to the prehistoric era, when the so-called dinosaurs were around. I just can’t help but wonder and be amazed at their attitude, what made them get to this point. 


Having a set of core values is crucial when it comes to building one’s character. Evidently, each person is different from the next, and so there will in fact be differences among cherished values as well. But I learned that abiding by to that particular set of values will prepare you for what is ahead or inspire you to take a leap of faith in the unknown. 


Accountability has come to grow up on me as I have found it to be the most difficult task yet the most gratifying. To be accountable means that you hold yourself to a standard that does not surrender to another man’s opinions or expectations. The moment you surrender that power, you will be controlled. You will be heavily influenced by your critics or surrounding forces. Accountability enables you to surround yourself with a positive environment. The one tool I have found to help with this quality is writing. I have found that writing your goals on a piece of paper or in a journal amplifies my commitment to the desired goal and my contentment once I have achieved it. Another way to increase your accountability is to share your vision or goals with a trustworthy friend or mentor that has been in your shoes. 


I talked about the benefits of a routine in my previous blog, because I have found that enabling power lies within consistency. I learned that I was not consistently aware of my choices, I learned that I was not as gifted or multifaceted as I thought to be. I learned that I have many strengths just as weaknesses. I learned that a new habit is not immediately embedded in my subconscious until I consistently and conscientiously execute that desired habit. I learned that I find great satisfaction and inner peace with simply enjoying the process. If you don’t start to enjoy life Now; while you’re fighting to manifest your dreams, what makes you think it will change once you get there. Throughout the process, you discover oneself and learn to embrace your authenticity. Jim Carrey said it best, “I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it’s not the answer.” 


This was the most eye-opening lesson that I have experienced this year. I am still trying to wrap my mind on it. I am sure about one thing though; we are placed on this earth for a reason, a role that plays a part in the bigger scheme. I learned that no matter how hard you try to run away or ignore your purpose in life, it will come back to you in unexpected ways. You will consistently feel uneasy until you embrace what you were brought in this world to do, which is to express what you long to express from the inside. Everything you need is already in you and at your disposal, it is simply up to us to seek it and to manifest it. We are all alchemists by design, which is to transform our inherent spirit or energy onto the physical realm. 

A new decade is upon us; it is our duty, as artists, to discern our truth and to manifest our heartfelt dreams….

The Marathon Continues…

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