How Journaling Helped Me to Embrace Change in My Life.

Naches Peak Loop Trail (WA)
Naches Peak Loop Trail (WA)

Writing was not something I immediately started enjoying from the get-go. In fact, it took a while for me to consider investing in buying a journal where I could recollect various thoughts or come up with bright ideas that would help me propel forward in life. Upon reflecting on my experience with this practice, I can attest to its hidden influence.

Since this habit was something that I was not used of or particularly fond of, it was faced with significant resistance. I was underestimating its value; I failed to foresee the many benefits that could arise from this skill. The practice of journaling afforded me an intimate environment to examine my growth and progress. Not only did it allow me to appreciate my milestones, it also helped me to pinpoint different areas where I needed to invest more time, effort, and energy. It was as if writing out my goals or aspirations sparked a wake-up call of some sort to go after my desire despite of my current circumstances. I have noticed that many times when ideas surface in our mind, oftentimes the ego quickly finds ways or excuses to subdue them. Upon having this realization, I promised myself to start writing out any intentional thought that would randomly arise in my mind. This practice helped me to become more accountable of the finer things that I want in my life.

Snow Lake Trail, Mount Rainier Ntl Park (WA)

One other revelation that I experienced from this habit, was that it provided me a sense of clarity. It was like another form of meditation. Through this approach, I was able to recognize certain patterns of my behaviors and to further understand my reactions to these provocations. By writing down my frustrating thoughts, I would start feeling much lighter as if I was releasing a heavy burden. It allowed me to have a transcendent state of presence over my challenges, I was not petrified anymore of my thoughts. I realized that I could not control what type of thoughts would surface in my mind, but that I had the power to consciously choose which ones I would give my attention to.

Through journaling, one is able to make rich memories. I learned that by adding to my entries the date, the location, or the feelings that I experienced during a particular instance or an enlightening conversation, it reinforced my paradigm shift whenever I would go back to reread them, because of the intention or emotion affiliated with those written words. It was truly life-changing; it helped me to understand there are ordered steps to take in life, whether it involves success or failure, the key is to remain present in your journey and to enjoy the process.

I wanted to end this blog by sharing some of the tools that helped me in committing to this habit. With starting any new habits, it is important to start small and not overwhelm yourself. One could start with smaller daily promises or a simple gratitude journal. A small promise helps to reinforce the behavior you’re trying to build because the reward that you experience after accomplishing any promise, re-awakens the magnificent, authentic, unapologetic, and elegant person that you have been since coming into this world. It additionally is a great way of building self-acceptance, which will also increase one’s self-confidence. Another way to kickstart this habit is to write whenever you feel the inspiration or the need to creatively self-express your convictions. It really takes you into an even deeper reflection of your outlook on life, particularly of what is that you want your life to be like. Also, when starting it is crucial to not beat yourselves up over minor vocabulary or grammar mistakes, because it will reinforce that limiting behavior of growth. Change is an uncomfortable process, might as well start getting used to it like Frederick Douglass said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”.

The Marathon Continues…”

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