Fetch Your Life

So much has happened this year and we are barely finishing the third month. Looking back on it, I am truly astounded by the vast number of events that have taken place, which typically would have amassed to a whole year. Media outlets have been bombarding us with repetitious information that further promotes an agenda of panic and stress. One thing I have noticed is that these media outlets are gradually desensitizing us to stress, which consequently can impair one’s immunity. Wei Po-Yang said it best, “worry is preposterous”. Nothing good ever comes from living a life of fear and stress. In fact, an abundance of stress in an individual’s life can override a person’s natural compensatory mechanisms and ultimately kickstart a multitude of unwarranted comorbidities and chronic diseases, which goes to show that the person’s body is in a perpetual state of dis-ease. As long as a person maintains to live a content life, eat nutritious food, exercise his body, and live a life of service by adding value to others, there should be no worry of getting sick because your mind, body, and soul are properly being taken care of. 

Crystal Peak Trail (WA)

In these confusing times, I think it is important to keep a positive outlook on life, for there is a great deal of misinformation and misleading statistics. Yes, the virus has rapidly risen among the population, which caused for a temporary closure of various institutions that dictate the functionality of our current society. Numerous people are being taken out of work and have to rely on other avenues of income. It undoubtedly is a stressful predicament, particularly for people with families to provide for. However, it is no reason to lose all hope and submit to the gloom and doom mentality. On the contrary, I believe that now is the ideal time to invest in ourselves, to brush up our old dreams, to learn new trades, to hone our skills or hobbies to the point where you can run your own business or service. Now is the time to build communities, to support each other, and to share in the joy of life. Wealth lies in the influence a person has over others by helping them improve their lives, manifest their vision, and building a relationship. 

Crystal Peak Trail (WA)

Whenever faced with adversity, one should not hope or pray for easier times, but rather should pray to become stronger by overcoming those challenges. It is through experience (the good and the bad) that one transcends from novice to expert. Where one sees crisis, the other visualizes an opportunity for growth: this is the attitude we will need to operate by during these times. I say: to level up and unleash your potential whenever faced with adversity, because you can only go up once you have been at your lowest. In these times, it is critical to build strong and positive relationships, because material possessions are showing to be fundamentally flawed. What it ultimately comes down to is not how much wealth you accumulated over your lifespan, but rather what you left for your children and different contributions you made to humanity. Now is the time to fetch our lives and start living, because “when the dawn of simplicity comes into life, complications leave”. I encourage anyone reading this to keep levitating and radiating your light. 

The Marathon Continues…

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