“Help!!, Help!!, I can’t breathe…

Mama! Mama! Mama…”

Those were his last words 

Head pinned against the pavement 

Gasping for his last breath of fresh air

He unwillingly submits to his predator  

What he do to deserve this kind of treatment

Fate of another misunderstood sun-kissed child 

How many times is it going to take? 

For people to awaken

I desperately cry out to my creator

In need of answers

How many times is it going to take?

For enough to be enough

For people to know their worth 

For black men to start protecting their own

I turn on the TV, and all I see outrage 

People drowned in sorrow

Mourning the murder of another black knight

While media puppets promote an image of a monster

As if the black man deserved to be murdered in plain sight

Hey Champ… you still there? I know you see what’s going on

It’s starting to feel like I’m in a cage

Deep down, I know this is no way to live 

So why do I want to pick my things and run away?

I know we came into this world to flourish and thrive 

But, why do I feel like tomorrow it could be my brother, 

My father, my mother, my sister, my nephew or my brother from another motha’

Why do I feel like forsaking my blackness

Just so I won’t be portrayed as a threat anymore. 

Being black is a privilege 

A true magnificent gift of life

Abba, they killed another one of us today

Peace to Floyd, Reed, and Arbery

Imma stand tall and carry on my torch

Cos the vision growing stronger

It’s strength in numbers and we all know it

So, in the meantime, y’all hang tight 

I know we’ll reunite soon… 

While we still make every effort to carry Dr. King’s Dream and Malcom X’s vision 

By any means necessary. 

In times where we should be sharing as much love as possible to get through these tough times, we still manage to feed our barbaric inclinations. Life is way too short and precious to worry about the next trend or what’s poppin’ in the tabloids. “Life is but a mist…”, you come in this life alone and leave it alone. Peace to Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed, and George Floyd. 

“The Marathon Continues…”

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