On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, As I sat on that bench glaring into the stillness of the lake, Resonating to soothing tunes of nature, breathing in the fresh air, A revelation came up to me and it goes like this…

A lion is as strong its pride, 

For lions never hunt alone

Under one accord, they proceed to maintain life’s tides

In an attempt to sustain their throne

For the pride that lacks a genuine vision, its cubs wither and perish

Leaving no hope for future generations, the inevitable fall of a nation then ensues

Blind followers fall under the snare of indecisive leaders

What good is it then to blindly follow the ruse?

For the pit awaits anyone who lacks the discernment,

To see through the illusion 

They say a loaded mind is more dangerous than a loaded weapon

Take heed then to what your mind acquiesces to,

For a life of bondage follows one who relinquishes his throne

And misery accompanies those who divert from the truth

Simply stated, the truth is simple, and it goes like this:

deep inside every follower is a born leader,

And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise

Deep inside every boy lies a dormant power,

Eagerly waiting to be activated and released

Deep inside every man’s loins lies a hidden nation, 

And don’t take that responsibility for granted… 

This is for anyone feeling unworthy as a result of the environments he was placed in, the terrible cards he was dealt by life, or the many people who gave up on him. The Creator has a plan for you, just take the time to listen and unleash your potential. Make the world a better place.

Life On The Narrow Path...

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