You Have The Power To Activate Your Gifts

As the second half of 2020 is upon us, I found it imminent to take the time to reflect on how the year is going so far. Upon my review, I am skeptical that anyone would have surely known that this year would be a year of perpetuating crises each week. Needless to say, this year has not encompassed all bad things. In spite of the mandatory lockdown, many people got the opportunity to rediscover their talents, refine their gifts, and embark on the path to maximizing their potential. I have to admit: this brings joy to my heart, seeing many people taking the initiative to discover themselves and to manifest their artistic expression in a time where political correctness is more revered than truth, a time where public figures  who dare to stand for their truth are instantaneously “canceled”. I can’t help but wonder at where this type of mindset is leading us, where free thinking is personified as taboo. Yes, it is apparent that we are witnessing the systematic destruction of the middle-class as many small businesses are being left stranded, unemployed fathers unable to provide for their families. Moreover, there seems to be a growing wedge of racial tension amid humanity on a global scale. One major theme that I can concur from all these circumstances is that 2020 was undoubtedly a wake-up call for many of us, like sort of a reset button to refocus on the finer things and more importantly our life assignment. 

Mt Si (North Bend, WA)

These are some of the lessons that have provided me the faith and insight to endure the first half of this year: 

  • Self-Love: It wasn’t until recently that I really understood the detriment self-hatred can impose on an individual. Demeaning oneself ultimately blocks the many blessings and opportunities Our Creator so earnestly wishes that we would accept. Love truly conquers fear; when a person is operating on a frequency of love, he learns about his strengths and weaknesses, which subsequently encourages him to cultivate his flaws, ultimately attaining self-actualization. Sophia Bush once said that, “a human is simultaneously a masterpiece and a work in progress”. It is vital, as a person, seeking authenticity and meaning to understand the importance of forgiving oneself and taking risks on the betterment of humanity. 
  • Value Your Gifts: Steve Harvey once claimed that “a gift is the absolute best thing that you do better than anyone with the least amount of effort”, and I am wholeheartedly convinced that investing the energy and effort to refine that gift, once one discovers it, along with the proper nourishing environment of support will certainly make room for a prosperous life. A person never retires his gift because he was born with it. For this reason, it is imperative to create and share that gift so that when you’re at the end of the journey, you have no regrets. Simply put, satisfaction with success is the demise of progress.  
  • Value Your Mistakes: Failures are not always necessarily a bad thing; it recently dawned on me that life will constantly throw at you: specific scenarios once a seed is planted to really determine if you understood it. So, whenever faced with adversity, ask yourself “what is this trying to teach me?” rather than “why is this happening to me?”. Take time to seek advice or counsel from the Holy Spirit or connecting to your Source to determine the course of action. Like Eckhart Tolle says,” accept whatever arises in the moment as it is”, learn from it and move on. Our mistakes are intended to be building blocks, not obstacles. 
  • Timetime is the most valuable commodity on earth, learning to manage your time wisely reaps incredible benefits in your personal life. I am convinced that no man can master time. For this reason, it is crucial to build desirable and noble habits that can better propel you toward living the life you want and desire. Some of these noble habits would be: educating yourself on a topic, skill, or trade, praying for your gifts, meditating on the Word, reflecting on your progress, or developing your attitude (Philippians 4: 8-9). It became apparent to me that what makes lions great is not primarily their prowess, it is in fact their attitude towards the hunt. They enjoy the process just as much as the reward. To sum up, they simply enjoy the grind. 
(Biblica. Inc)
  • Presence: it is imperative to understand that there is a higher power at work within all of us. Maintaining a right alignment with the Most High paves way for the awareness of our emotional triggers and the self-control to not be easily dissuaded by life’s hard blows. You would be surprised by the amount of influence your presence can have on a person. Have you ever met a person or been in an environment that lightened your heart to the point you just want to know more about that person or place? That’s the power of vibrations (presence), they are all around us (James 1:22-24). 
  • Patience: Greatness is not manifested or attained overnight; it takes a process of trials & errors specifically tailored for your humanistic experience. If there was a definitive way, then there would be no poor or oppressed people. For this reason, it is vital to heed instruction from the Creator on your particular life assignment and more importantly to embody the faith principleof manifesting your vision. 
  • Purpose: purpose is simply the “why” that gets you up in the morning, the “why” that gets you through your darkest moments, the “why” that connects you to the right people or environment that will get you on the other side of pain, which is glory. Your vision and faith will drive your purpose. 
  • Manifest Your Potential: a good friend recently shared this with me through some of our conversations, “the more you create, the more it becomes noticed”. Two key revelations dawned on me: there must be a reason you’re still alive and your gift never retires as long as you’re alive. So, take the time to explore the greatness hidden inside of you

Life on The Narrow Path…

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