Put Your Dreams to Work and Make Manifest!!

How are you livin’ out your dream? Are you doubting yourself, listening to your critics? I am here to tell you to Protect that pearl inside you yearning to be expressed, believe, visualize, make manifest your gifts, and be prepared to see what unfolds next…

For as long as I can remember, my sheer optimism often got me in trouble in my younger days. I remember many days, I got in trouble in class for daydreaming or being entertained by the ongoing thoughts in my mind, rather than actually paying attention to what was going on at the moment. You see, most of my childhood, I had to grow alone and learn to navigate through the psychophysical forces of school and life alone. My older siblings were in a foreign land, pursuing education, and trying to make most of the opportunities presented before them. While the reconstruction era in my beloved country seemed so uncertain, my parents thought it best to offer them the opportunities that they didn’t have. So, what dreaming out my vision afforded me in those young days, was the fortune gift of seeing beyond the impossible, seeing beyond my current circumstances; believing and knowing that anything can happen once you set your mind to it. I remember most of the family trips we ever took, my family would constantly joke about how I never sat down or how I would spend most of the time standing up in the car or looking out the window. It is an indescribable feeling till to this day that I cannot begin to fathom, or even understand what was going on in my mind, but one thing I do know is: in that particular moment, the parts of the process mattered as much as the destination. I persistently roamed in my world, asking myself numerous questions: what will the destination be like, will it be beautiful, how are the people going to be, will the food be amazing, will the culture be as refreshing and vibrant, will I still be able to cherish every moment of this journey ten years from now?

Recently, it dawned on me that when an individual seeks to manifest his dreams, he must adapt that same mentality. One must continuously be in alignment with his dream, continuously ask himself what it will be like once he attains it, continuously visualize what his life will be like; that sheer passion and grit are essential forces that empower an individual to see beyond current life struggles, and to stay committed. On this blog, I share five transcendental keys that I have found to help me to stay committed, to rekindle the inner drive whenever I am uninspired, and last but not least, to find contentment while in the process.

· Align your dreams with your purpose: simply stated, purpose is the reason for which you were brought forth for on this earth, some may envision one’s purpose on earth as simply surviving and experiencing. While that may be true, I also believe that each purpose is tailor-made for each individual. Hence, the emergence and praise of talents and gifts amongst our society, for if that were not true, we would not be appointed individual talents and gifts urging us to express forth what we long to express. Based on that prior premise, it would be of great benefit for an individual to express his function for the grander scheme of the universe (Body), to express the great handiwork within him and the essence surrounding him. For this reason, it is imminent to reconnect with the creator in order to find one’s life assignment. Think about this for a minute:

Would you rather seek advice about a product from an expert in that particular domain, or the actual manufacturer? Would you rather seek direction from another fellow passenger who claims to know the shortcut, rather than listen to the voice of the one who is at the destination?

This life principle is solely dedicated to living a life of fellowship with the creator, the essence inside you eagerly waiting to be expressed.

· Read, read, and read: reading is a skill that never ceases to evolve. It was the prophet Hosea who claimed that, “my people perish for lack of knowledge”. One thing that I have realized is that school is never out of session when it comes to life lessons, you simply never cease to learn. I cannot emphasize enough how important is reading. Even the Book of Life tells us that “in the beginning was the Word”. A book possesses the power to change a person’s life, or at least guide him towards the acquisition of knowledge, which will inadvertently enable that individual to discover meaning and purpose in his life. There’s a common saying that goes like, “if you want to hide knowledge from anyone, put it in a book”. I find that quite profound, because history is doomed to repeat itself for anyone who chooses to remain ignorant. Once a person realizes that not everyone is interested in his welfare, something in him ignites and urges him to seek out the answers for himself, I genuinely believe that is what St. Augustine referred to as, “the power of free curiosity”. The practice of reading allows one to pick and pry at the greatest minds that have walked on this earth, since we are all essentially fighting the personal struggle of expressing that pearl inside us.

· Embrace those moments of solitude: it has become quite apparent that the magnitude of distractions around us is relatively detrimental, whether it be personal or social obligations. It has become increasingly hard to find the time for oneself to conduct the vital introspection to understand one’s identity and more importantly where he’s headed. Unbeknownst to the majority, it is in those moments of stillness that the Creator is able to gain your attention to unveil the plan set out for you, and the greatness inside you. It takes time to sit still and get in tune with the Spirit, or the surrounding vibrations to really understand where you come from, that way you will surely know where you are headed to. It is no coincidence that even the Book of life instruct us “to seek ye kingdom first, and all other things will be added unto thee”. It is through this act that one is able to tap into that higher power and realign his dreams along with the inner consciousness.

· Your gift never retires as long as you’re alive: this is a major key in helping an individual understand that as long as you’re breathing, there is a higher conscious power that has appointed something of great value over your existence, and that no matter what you face in life: there are systemic tugs put in place to veer you back into your calling or to protect you of diverting from the truth. With this paradigm awareness, only great things ensue. This brings me back to the Hebrew Word “Teshuva”, which essentially means repentance: change the way you think, and those new vibrations will attract the resources critical to manifesting happiness and abundance in your personal life. It is pivotal to realize that you (yourself) are a walking trinity with unlimited potential within you and only you, where a flow of knowledge and creativity is waiting to be transmuted to this physical realm for the benefit of many, and for the glorifying expression of the greatness inside you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t take a whole lot of commas in your bank account to find meaning in your life.

· Adopt a ‘Faith in Action’ mindset: Dr. Munroe once said, “a person’s faith prospers as the test it survives”. No current circumstance is perpetual enough to trouble you from envisioning possibilities that could be, dreams that could be made manifest, or adversities that could be overcome. Faith is having the insight to understand, that no imagination of yours can be greater than its source. Faith is the vehicle that helps you endure your hardest moments, because deep down, you know and feel that you possess what will help you overcome your current struggles. This is why I find the common saying of “walk by faith, not by sight” extremely relevant, because sight only limits an individual to current circumstances, failures, doubts, and past missed opportunities. You must realize that the acquiescent submission to not chase your dreams will only bring you regret and sorrow when that appointed time arrives.

Before I end this, I just want to remind anyone who reads this, that you are a beautiful soul walking this earth, so why don’t you take the time to truly discover yourself and bless us with your presence, because with the current state of affairs, it is desperately needed.

Life on The Narrow Path…

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