4 Keys That Helped Me To Harness A Positive Attitude

Why is optimism often regarded as a trivial attribute? To this day, it is a question that I often ask myself. I have come to realize that trying to understand why that is, cannot grant me any satisfaction, or for that matter, help me find meaning in my life. In spite of these perplexing thoughts, I am convinced that choosing to count my blessings and concentrating on the brighter side of my adversities has molded me into the man I am today. It surely has not been an easy road. In fact, it has been a tumultuous journey filled of u-turnssetbacks, and many sleepless nights. This marathon of positivity has truly lightened the burden that I carry, and the pressure that I constantly feel in this modern era. Life will constantly throw you devastating blows, but it is your responsibility to choose how you handle them. More importantly, it is your responsibility to choose what type of attitude you choose to harness when facing these challenges. 

I vividly remember the day I was first introduced to this principle of positive thinking, and when I look back at it, I can’t help myself but smile, even at my past misfortunes and failures, because they all played an integral role into forming the man I am today. It was through Big Sean’s songs that I started learning more about the power of positive thinking, and based on his latest album, I am genuinely convinced that hope and positivity are what keeps him equivalently inspired to share beautiful music. In fact, whenever I am faced with a big decision in my life, I often find myself seeking inspiration through his songs. The universe is vast and boundless, with all positive affirmations at your disposal, eagerly waiting to widen your outlook on life. Kendra Cherry defines positive thinking as:

approaching life’s challenges with a positive outlook. It does not necessarily mean avoiding or ignoring the bad things; instead, it involves making the most of the potentially bad situations, trying to see the best in other people, and viewing yourself and your abilities in a positive light”.  

This type of mentality truly liberates one to operate within the confines of established universal laws, thereby affording that individual the opportunity to create an environment that will allow him to attain self-actualization. In this blog, I contemplate on the hidden intricacies of maintaining a positive attitude, and the various benefits one can reap from abiding to those principles: 

  • Awakening to your source of love: this key brings me to “The Tale of the Two Wolves”. It is imperative to understand that within oneself, that shining light already exists. One must make the conscious decision to resonate to that wavelength, by tending to it in order to ensure its growth and prosperity. It is fundamental for one to understand that we were truly “predestined in love”, but it is also our duty to either accept or deny that truth, because man has been gifted free will. 
  • Maturity in faith: Shakespeare once said, “sweet are the uses of adversity”. A person who awakens to this paradigm shift, embraces all the circumstances in his life. The acquired foresight in this awakening allows an individual to see through the hidden blessings in the good and bad transitory circumstances, because they all serve a role in ensuring the fulfillment of one’s purpose. The adversities I have faced in my life, have allowed me to grow mature in faith and to understand that, as a person, I will continue to grow through these steppingstones and my mountains won’t get any bigger. You gain more courage to dive into the unknown, because you recognize that it will ALL work out for the good. 
  • Becoming solutions-based: maintaining a positive attitude allowed me to invest my effort into the solutions of my circumstances, rather than squandering my energy by focusing on the problems and complaining about life. I have come to realize it is counterproductive to take such approach in life, because there are a multitude of stressors around us, and worrying will only continue to attract those unwanted vibrations. 
  • Insulating in the midst of a crisis: a positive attitude allows one to foresee opportunity in the midst of a crisis. Dr. Munroe claimed that “crisis breeds innovation”.  Based on what has transpired this year, I couldn’t agree more. I am continuously amazed at the vast amount of inventions that are being manifested on a daily basis. The upsetting of the former status quo allowed certain individuals to invest in their own dreams rather than blindly working to realize other people’s dreams. It is no wonder that suicide rates, or the prescriptions of antidepressants continue to skyrocket on a global scale, and we don’t take the time to really seek the underlying root of these travesties. If there is one thing that this year awakened me to: was that the ball is on my court, and it is my responsibility to manifest what kind of life I want

Focusing on the positive spectrum of things in my life allowed me to cherish these aptitudes of building a positive character: 

  • Optimism: “hope for the best, and expect the best” 
  • Acceptance: learning from one’s failures, valuing self-love and self-care
  • Resilience: bouncing back from adversity, embodying an unwavering attitude 
  • Awareness: dedicating your energy to be self-aware and making conscious decisions to better yourself. There are literally blessings everywhere around you, you just need to awaken to them. 
  • Integrity: embodying honorable, righteous, and noble values

I firmly believe that positivity can go a long way in affecting someone’s life, and perhaps allowing him to find what life is asking of him. These are some of the outcomes of breeding a positive attitude: 

  • Finding delight in adversity 
  • Enjoying the unexpected 
  • Motivating those around you with a positive word, “a kind word truly cheers up the heart”
  • Smiling can change a person’s whole mood 
  • Become present when talking to strangers 
  • Find joy even when you’re losing, because that discomfort is temporary 
  • You value generosity more than payment 
  • You awaken to surrounding sources of positive vibrations

My sincere hope is that anyone who reads this, finds the reassurance or confirmation they desperately needed to embark on this journey to self-discovery, and begin radiating their beautiful light. Until next time… 

Life on the Narrow Path…

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