Providence: The Awakening

A poem about faith from the Unreleased Archives

Photo by Keming Tan on Unsplash

The more I read the Word 

The quicker it’s starting to unfold 

I am realizing I had it all wrong 

How could I have been so blind 

Could it have been that I was clung 

To these superfluous deceptions

Or perhaps is it that I was sprung 

To these appealing illusions yet detrimental

I could foresee its evil nature

And still chose to succumb to it 

Emancipation was far out of the picture

Darkness concealed my morals 

Deeply embedded in the trap,

The abyss was my next stop 

Thankfully Providence liberated me 

She told to never doubt 

For doubt bring nothing but misery 

To my tender soul 

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