Contemplations: Book of Philippians 4

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Rejoice to life, for you never walk alone
Rejoice to life, and favor shall follow you
Rejoice to life, for your iniquity will be atoned
Rejoice to life, and prosperity shall ensue

Each time I revisit this chapter, a new layer becomes unveiled. When you allow peace and joy to direct your life, the anxieties steadily dissipate. When this perceptual shift happens, you truly awaken to the Almighty likeness of the Most High.

“The peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus”. – Book of Philippians 

Consequently, each circumstance becomes a building block, a new lesson to be studied and mastered to show yourself approved in your personal legend. The dots start connecting, the right opportunities emerge in due timing.

Before you know it, you catch a break and miracles unfold before your eyes.

It is truly astounding how life’s hard winds blow upon learning a new principle. What do you do when challenged with such a task? Do you fold? Or do you tuck your chin and persevere through?

I am starting to notice how life has been unfolding after introspective reflections. Despite what unfolds, I am still able to resonate with the unconditional presence of my Eternal Creator. Moreover, I find vigor to keep pressing on forward, mind set on heavenly things.

When we are in our weakest moment, that is when His Manifold Wisdom is manifested.

Life helps us to understand the salvation of laws, brings to light that our story was in fact written. This unsettled perplexity begs the question: am I doing it right? Am I walking my path?

We are living in a volatile world with numerous distractions. Nonetheless, our focus must remain of the utmost priority by practicing what we learn. Learning to welcome all challenges placed on our path and finding joy in the present. That is the secret; the power that is within you.

Wisdom flourishes by practicing life principles.

Unleash your potential 

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