It’s a Daily Struggle to Overcome

A poem

Photo by Kevin Ishimwe on Unsplash

Wise scrolls of old remind us,  

That man reaps his toil 

And he is to enjoy and rejoice,

For other vain subtleties 

Are nothing but a chasing after the wind 

It’s a daily struggle to overcome and live on to bear the glory

A daily struggle to overcome this unquenchable thirst

Barbaric carnalities increasingly festering in my mist

When my heart desires the fine things of life

Just another soul bamboozled in this self-inflicted strife 

Conflicted mind; questions running rampant 

Veins corroded, I’m steadily outpouring 

These ill feelings: Lord, I can’t bear this pain 

Any longer, lift me from this vanity 

Deep down, I know there’s life 

In your wellspring, help me attune to it 

Rejoice in peace with no reservations,

For what good is it if I don’t celebrate

Each occasion of this unmerited gift – Grace 

It’s a daily struggle to overcome and live on to bear the glory 

But I digress,

This deep hunger for success 

Further diverting me from the process

Of aligning your mighty will 

And resting on your celestial hill 

Abba, Abba – how gracious is your mercy 

That you are mindful of my sorrows

How bountiful is your love

That you vicariously guide me through these furrows 

Thank you all for reading, and I sincerely hope all is well. 

Don't complain about life, adapt…

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