Revealing Moments of Self Acceptance – Savor the Presence


Courtesy of the Author

Immersed in serenity, I sought to escape my agony, aimlessly chasing a fleeting fantasy rather than accepting my mere reality.

“What is my original truth?”

Such a daunting question to ponder for someone who hardly knows themself. How can you really, when you seldom spend time to sit still and be and embrace an art heavily shunned in today’s world?

A tough pill I had to swallow at that instant moment,

“I know nothing about you, Spirit.”

“How can I get to you when you don’t set time aside for me?”

“From here on, I am deciding to put more effort into becoming more aligned with the inner realm, but how will I know I am there.”

“When you remember who you are, you will have arrived.”

Catapulted back to the noisy stream of thoughts, I condescended back to the state of resistance. What did that mean? I continuously strained to make sense of it.

The ancient scrolls remind us that the truth sets you free. But what is it, though?

In dire need of answers, more questions emerged. Hence ensued the path of a seeker, the search for clarity in a realm where peace and prosperity coincide, a land of infinite possibility.

Lo and behold: I had fallen under the spell of anxiety – the unhealthy obsession of needing to know everything when I can barely – add another hour to my life by worrying.

Self-opinion, you are charmingly seductive. How have I become so self-absorbed with the need to control every circumstance in my life?

Worry blinds the soul from bearing witness to the gifts surrounding us each moment – the present, we call it.

Why the need, then, to anticipate the future or feed past regrets buried in our armor – an illusion of influence? No wonder the body starts manifesting the heavy tolls it endures from such turbulent streams of thoughts.

One word of reassurance,

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

Moment of silence: for the healing essence of these encouraging words. The call at hand is to follow your passion with pure intent, faith, and the belief that all is well. Stay true to yourself even if you don’t have the answers. You won’t stay clueless forever — you’ll eventually find your way, just don’t quit.

Thank you all for reading and I sincerely hope all is well.


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