The Hidden Power of Reflective Journaling

High Rock Trail (Packwood, WA)

I am now convinced that writing is the most influential contribution a person can make to humanity. It is evident that our current society operates on philosophical ideals written by historical figures. When an individual inscribes well-thought ideas, which he has a strong conviction for, he adds a timeless stamp on the acquired knowledge which can significantly influence various dimensions.

When it comes to personal development, I believe reflective writing is a powerful tool that can help anyone to transcend over conditioned beliefs. I first came across this type of practice while in the first year of my nursing program. Evidently, I was not immediately of it because I didn’t foresee the value that I could gain from writing down my thoughts or opinions. Little did I know that it would be the needed skill to change my life around. During that time, I found myself going through the same loop of feeling empty, inadequate, or falling under the trap of undesired habits, habits which I strongly despised. My attempt through this blog is to share some of the benefits that I have gained from journaling.

Benefits of Reflective Journaling:

After writing the first assignment, I found myself recognizing those limiting patterns throughout the following clinical rotation. I was quite amazed by how I was able to stop the self-pity through my observations. This realization inspired me to apply this practice in my life; my thought was what else could go wrong. I have to say that I am glad that I made this decision. Journaling helped me to become an active student of life. Through reflection, I was able to embrace my strengths and flaws. Subsequently, my self-confidence started to blossom, and I was not petrified of trying new things or even failing. Journaling fostered an empowering and nonjudgmental environment for me to grow as a person. It provided a place to jot down my earnest desires and ambitions, I even found myself tracing back to my entries to check on my progress or to make any pertinent adjustments.

Journaling improved my writing; I thought that I lacked the creative power to eloquently express my opinions. Committing to this habit helped me realize that it takes consistent grit and passion to hone any skill, hence began my blogging journey. Although, I have to say that it took me some time to feel comfortable enough to publish my writing, the main thing that I am happy about is that I pushed through my fears. More importantly, that it could add value to other people’s lives. Journaling afforded me an authentic approach in my understanding of new ideas, inspired me to do my own research about particular ideas and to contemplate on my moral fiber. This acquired understanding has helped me to grow into a better version of myself.

How to create a promoting environment of journaling:

Building a new habit is not easy, you’ll be faced with immense resistance from the psyche, because it will be something new that the subconscious mind is not used to. Thus, it will try to play different tricks to make you think that it is not you or that it won’t work. My advice is to keep pushing forward even if it feels uncomfortable. No circumstance is permanent in this universe, it comes and goes in waves. The second key is to buy a journal where you can start writing with a pen about whatever comes to your mind, whether it be dreams, aspirations, or even concerns. I have found that writing about what I am grateful for in my life, has really helped me to appreciate life and trust the universe. The third key is to make it a consistent habit through repetition, that is one way the conscious mind is able to implant growth seeds into the subconscious. Also remember to not beat yourself up if you miss a couple of days, just get back on it whenever it resurfaces in your mind. We are humans, and that is what makes us beautiful. There is always room for growth and potential.

High Rock Trail Summit (Packwood, WA)

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