The Importance of Embracing Your Peculiarity in Times of Crisis

2020 is proving to be a trialing year on all aspects of life, it is rapidly draining people’s sources of hope, purpose, and meaning. In this blog, we discuss about the importance of embracing one’s peculiarity in times of crisis. It is through this perseverance that an individual is able to witness the hidden potential within him. 

Despite the ongoing circumstances, one is still able to find delight and harmony amidst the hard winds. Throughout this year, there has been continuous sequences of emerging diseases, natural disasters, social issues, and economic turmoil. The impact it has exerted on society is definitely evident, as suicide rates along other mental health issues are consistently increasing yet remain unaddressed by the general public. Why is it that we are not asking the questions? Why is it that we are choosing to suppress those daunting emotions deep down in our subconscious mind rather than deal with them? These are questions, I continue to ask myself and wonder if all of these occurring catastrophes are instructing us to change our conditioned paradigms. This year has unquestionably coerced many people to step out of their comfort zones: we have seen teachers adapt to an online system, which they may not have been fond of prior to the pandemic, we have seen many public figures make a conscious decision to utilize their platform to address issues whose existence society is desperately trying to ignore. Seeing all this change happening around me, inspired me to embark on this journey of finding purpose and meaning in my life as well. In spite of the great turmoil that was going on this year, I had the opportunity to rediscover my passion for reading, rekindle my inner drive to chase my dreams, and more importantly to reconnect with My Creator for proper guidance in the midst of all my projects. 

            One major key you must understand whenever attempting to discover your hidden talents and capabilities in trialing times, is the fact that your very existence is evident enough to convince you that you are tailor-made for these present times, and that you possess, within you, the tools to determine your destiny through proper wisdom and discernment. I would like to share four overlooked benefits of true self-acceptance while facing adversity: 

  • Dawn of Humility: when all else has failed and you don’t know what to do to rise from your rock-bottom, you are willing to try anything. In fact, this is when most people start to get back into the habit of praying or living righteously. I can attest to this, because I myself have been a victim of this realization. Once a person awakens to his inferiority in relation to the vastness of the universe, is only then he can truly embark on a journey of self-development. This discovery paves the way towards unconditionally accepting your strengths and flaws, because they are what make you YOU. In addition, this type of attitude awakens an individual to different growth opportunities in his personal life. 
  • Awakening to one’s peculiarity: once I realized how the chatter in my mind was significantly affecting my life, it became imminent for me to find ways to counteract this perpetual loop of negative thoughts influencing the perception of my reality. I found delight in reading scriptures from the Book of Life and meditating on the Word through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Book of Proverbs helped me realize that most of these life principles from self-help books and other success stories is where several writers emanate their inspiration from, but the fallacious interpretation, tampering, and indoctrination of these scriptures has led to our demise. For instance, some may question the educational power of the Scriptures because they were used to institutionalize and systematically oppress a certain group of people, but don’t you think that within that same book, there possibly lies the solutions to emancipating your mind. A revelation that recently dawned on me through all this is that: one who lacks the influence of the Spirit when attempting to gain edification, cannot truly attain a peace of mind because he is not willing to really take a look at how he is living his life, or to allow that Divine Presence to fill that inside void, hence the fleeting pursuit of happiness through material possessions ensues. Become an active student of life and watch unfolds next, whether or not you resonate with what I am saying, take the time at least: to find your own truth and to examine how your current paradigm is influencing your life, otherwise are you really living your truth or somebody else’s lie? 
  • Hidden blessing of perseverance: Bob Marley once said, “you never know how strong you are, until strong is your only choice”. It is through this same sheer grit, hard work, and dedication that one bears witness to the greatness inside him at work. I am genuinely convinced that man finds gratification through reaped benefits of honest labor. Dr. Munroe suggested that “the release of your potential is dependent upon your expenditure of the necessary effort to change your thoughts into visible realities”.  It is important to understand that nothing will be sparingly handed to you, but by trusting in the process and faith to guide you, you are able to experience unimaginable blessings in your life and to bear witness at your inherent fortitude
  • Benefits of self-care: life will constantly throw curveballs at you, it ain’t nothing new under the sun, and it will continue being like this. For this reason, it is crucial to take care of yourself while learning more about your nature and attributes. This personal investment affords one to refine his talents and capabilities, which subsequently opens more avenues to multiply his resources. Taking the time for some introspective reflection, going for lovely nature walks, learning about different cultures, or visiting unfamiliar territories equivalently contribute to the replenishment of one’s soul. A healthy mind and spirit can bear anything thrown at it, because that state of being understands it possesses the arsenal and the backing of the Source to overcome the task at hand. 

Life on The Narrow Path…

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