Be A Dream-Chaser, Not a DreamStomper.

High Rock Lookout (WA)

You ever shared with someone a heartfelt dream of yours, a dream that you were so passionate about, and it got instantly trampled on? How did you feel or react? Did you feel some type of way towards them? Well you ain’t the only one… In this blog, I share my contemplations on the power of positive thinking, and the necessary actions to manifesting your dreams. For once, take the time to read this blog and thoroughly dive in: learning more about your gifts, power, dreaming the life that you desire, and more importantly living out your dream…

I first came across the “Dream-Chaser” term through Meek Mill’s expressive storytelling, about his rugged journey towards living out his dream of makin’ it out the hood. In his songs, you can really feel the pain, the hustle, and the grind he endured in realizing his dreams. Consequently, over the years I have become a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, because of many miracles that have unfolded right before my eyes. Through this attitude, I have been able to build great relationships with mentors that have consistently dared me to rise to the occasion and to never settle, simply because it could be better on the other side of the horizon. You see, with positive thinking, there are no losses. In fact, your losses turn out to be your greatest professors.

Adopting this paradigm shift really opens you up to the surrounding beauty of that life force, the synchronization of your life’s circumstances for the grander scheme, and the beauty in the attempt of chasing your dreams.

High Rock Lookout (WA)

Here are four keys that you can use in embarking on this journey, of allowing your gifts and dreams to make room for prosperity in your life:

§ Self-awareness: this principle goes back to the First Law of Thermodynamics (“energy simply flows and changes forms”). As a person seeking to manifest your dreams, you must be aware of the ongoing chatter, thoughts, and vibrations in your mind. That is where essentially the struggle begins and ends. The vibrations you identify with, will eventually manifest. I recently came across a quote while browsing the internet that said, “be careful of what you wish for, I’m listening” — (The Universe). I really felt that message and started smiling because I resonated with it. You see, humans have been blessed with the faculty of imagination; it is in all of us. So why waste this phenomenal gift away, by focusing on our current problems and situations, rather than dreaming about what our life could be and having the faith to move towards what is ahead.

§ Be mindful of your environment: this key is imperative in the whole process and goes in hand with the principle of self-awareness. Once you make that decision of wanting finer things in your life. You must take the time to introspect on what is fertilizing or hindering your dreams. Just as a spore will not sprout, if it is not placed in ideal conditions. The same applies for your dreams (seeds), for they will not be fruitful if you don’t have the right supportive environment. You must build with a like-minded community that encourages you to aspire for better and to surpass your limitations, not with a community that mocks your dreams or proceeds to bring you back to their level by telling you “to be realistic”. Don’t get me wrong, I am not proposing to be in denial of your reality, but you must preserve your dreams and not be so quick to give up once you face adversity.

§ Discipline: this practice was quite revelatory, and it is one I am still practicing on myself. At one point in your journey, you’ll have to understand that you will not always be at your optimal best, there will be days where you’re feeling low or have other obligations whether it be work-related, or family related. The key, in the midst of all this, is to remain consistent in your approach of manifesting your dreams. For this reason, you must formulate a plan or a moral code to operate by, in order to entrench those desired habits in your subconscious mind. It is through this discipline that you will be able to reap a harvest of your labor.

§ Don’t fold your Integrity: integrity plays an integral role in ensuring the realization of your authentic dreams. Trust me, I have tried to cash in quick too on my talents, and I quickly learned different. The road to self-actualization is not attained overnight, it is a process. After watching many tainted videos of overnight successes, I quickly learned that it is not the way to go about it. Think about this for a minute: if the key to happiness truly lied in acquiring wealth rapidly, rich people would not kill themselves or indulge their sorrows in alcohol or drugs. I firmly believe that the key to this principle lies in maintaining a moral fiber of noteworthy and noble values, because through this approach: one is able to learn more about himself, embrace his flaws, cultivate his gifts, foresee the potential in others, and more importantly reciprocate that uplifting energy in the universe. Only then, you can really witness the magic in your life: waking up each day filled of grace and joy, asking yourself what the universe has in store for you, and being able to sleep peacefully at night.

(Location: somewhere along US12), just stopped to glare at this beautiful sunset.

Your Dreams Matter, and I sincerely hope you take the chance on rediscovering yourself and blessing us with the dormant potential hidden in your beautiful heart… Until next time

Life on the Narrow Path…

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